6: “Song As Old As Rhyme” – Disney Pop Hits


The 1990s were an innocent time where cassette singles ruled and Disney pop songs were a regular fixture on the Billboard charts. The singles released during this decade earned the Mouse House multi-millions in sales and more often than not scored some sweet Oscar glory, but are any of these recordings — sung by actual humans, not their cartoon counterparts — actually something you’d want to listen to today?


WHEN WE WERE YOUNG reviewed all 13 pop singles from Disney/Pixar’s releases from the 1990s (from 1991’s Beauty and the Beast to 1999’s Toy Story 2) to see if any of these songs stand the test of time. Join us as we sing with all the voices of the mountain (including Vanessa L. Williams’) and catch up on what Peabo Bryson’s been up to the last few decades.


When We Were Young is a podcast devoted to the most beloved pop culture of our formative years (roughly 1980-2000). Join us for a look back to the past with a critical eye on how these movies, songs, shows, and more hold up now.


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