82: “Give Us The Disk And We’ll Give You Your Life Back” – The Net

You’ve got podcast! In our latest episode, we’re flashing back to the bygone days of floppy disks, away messages, and actually disconnecting from the world wide web sometimes. It’s a two-part When We Were Young Net-rospective as we reminisce on all things internet, including the cyber-conspiracy thrillers that were Hollywood’s first attempt at cashing in on the dot-com boom of the 90s. In Part 1, our hosts recall their earliest memories of both the net and THE NET — the 1995 techno-thriller that raised issues of online privacy long before social media made being tracked and manipulated by sinister forces part of our everyday lives.

First, we share our memories of chat rooms, CD-ROMs, and what it was like to dial-up with a modem every time we wanted to get online. Then, we learn a little about why 1995 was such a seminal year for the information superhighway, before diving into that year’s surprisingly prescient Sandra Bullock flick — made back when ordering a pizza on the internet was still just a bit of movie magic.

So close out that chat with CyberBob, get a virtual fire started, and whatever you do, don’t push the ESC key — because we’ve only just begun hacking into the 90s!

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