78: “Nobody Down Here But The FBI’s Most Unwanted” – The X-Files

The Truth Is Out There… but so are lies. And so are two extremely beautiful FBI agents. And so is a Fluke Man who lives in the sewer, but also hides out in Porta-Potties! The WHEN WE WERE YOUNG podcast continues our Quarantine Indoor Summer Slam by revisiting Chris Carter’s THE X-FILES, the long-running smash hit Fox TV drama starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as FBI Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, respectively. In this first X-amination, we uncover the shocking truth about each of our hosts’ pasts with the X-Files, our love for the lead actors, the history of the series and its creator Chris Carter, and we rewatch the pilot.

The X-Files brought spooky atmospherics and an hour of stories of little green men, government conspiracies, and sometimes-silly-sometimes-terrifying “monsters of the week” to primetime TV audiences throughout the 90s. And it made science fiction horror into unexpected ratings and Emmys gold for many years of its original 9-season run. Beyond just Nielsen ratings and statuettes, The X-Files deeply influenced TV drama itself and built a new template for “procedural” television dramas emulated by countless shows today.

Delight as our hosts uncover the mysteries of which of us actually watched the X-Files first – it’s not who you think! Find out which of our hosts lives on a rolling platform under his bed – it’s probably exactly who you think! So much is revealed – and there is STILL so much left to uncover! Tune back in a few days from now when we upload the second episode of our invXtigation, covering all the most important and fan-who-is-Seth-favorite episodes of the series.

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