Trump Isn’t Just Trump

Pointing to Trump as The Crazy Guy, and not the embodiment of an entire ideological worldview America needs to actively reject for good, is really hurting every effort to stop him. Donald Trump is like all the bad ju-ju of America converging in one pulchritudinous host.

Trump is the bilge emanating from hundreds of years of fundamental American racism and warmongering, 60 years of The Southern Strategy (GOP appealing to racism to win elections), and over 30 years of Reaganomics (drown the government in the bathtub) and reactionary right-wing radio and television.

He’s not just Donald Trump. He’s Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones and Gordon Gekko and Jesse Helms and Sarah Palin and Drudge and Breitbart and Ann Coulter… We are all ultimately the characters we play, but Trump’s become the perfect distilled essence of everything that has always held America back from fulfilling itself – and humanity back from healing itself.

Fear and loathing. Greed and bloodlust.

Please observe what we’re being asked in this election: we’re only being asked to reject this one face of it. Don’t be fooled by the clown. We’re not actually being asked – being challenged – to reject this set of values for good and build a society that no longer rewards them.

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