121: “I Had Bugs For Lunch” – Indiana Jones Part 2

After thoroughly raiding the lost ark in their previous outing, Chris, Becky, and Seth found themselves on shockingly shaky ground with Indiana Jones superfans. Can the three opinionated podcasters escape the wrath of Indy’s admirers this time around?

When We Were Young excavates the further adventures of cinema’s favorite tomb-raiding hunk, digging into Steven Spielberg’s wildly different sequels. First up is 1984’s INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, which saw Harrison Ford joined by Kate Capshaw and Ke Huy Quan for a disturbing descent into human sacrifice and child slavery. Stuffed with gross-out gags and ultra-macabre special effects, the film outraged parents and alienated critics, but still managed to rake in plenty of that sweet summer movie money and become a staple in many VHS collections. (Thanks in large part to a McDonald’s promotion!)

And finally, we delve into 1989’s INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, which hewed closer to the adventuresome tone of the 1981 original, with daddy issues added to the mix as Sean Connery came aboard to play Indy’s cranky but lovable father. It was, of course, another gigantic hit, capping off the original film trilogy while paving the way for a TV series, video games, and a super popular Disneyland ride that would hold us over until Dr. Jones’ first return to the big screen nearly two decades later. 

Will When We Were Young rip fans’ still-beating hearts from their chests and crush them with criticism once again? Or will we permit these sequels to sip from the Holy Grail and live on for all eternity?

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