11: “Now I’ll Never Be a Teen Model!” – The Brady Bunch Movie

In the latest episode of WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, we discuss what made us laugh the most growing up. If you thought THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE (1995) and A VERY BRADY SEQUEL (1996) were the funniest (and most quotable) movies ever made, you’re in good company!

Twenty years later, do either of these satirical TV adaptations stand the test of time and still make us laugh? Or are they as stale and unfunny as the TV show they’re based on? Throw on your Sunday best, kids, we’re talking the Brady movies!

When We Were Young is a podcast devoted to the most beloved pop culture of our formative years (roughly 1980-2000). Join us for a look back to the past with a critical eye on how these movies, songs, TV shows and more hold up now.

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