119: “Don’t Forget To Breathe” – Interview with Author Chris Clews

The Karate Kid features one of the most beloved movie mentors of all time in Mr. Miyagi, who teaches young Daniel valuable lessons about patience (taking time to breathe), efficiency (putting the whole body’s strength into a single punch), and achievement (if you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you can accomplish pretty much anything).

In this special interview episode, When We Were Young talks to author and keynote speaker Chris Clews about more life lessons that can be found in ‘80s pop culture, whether in films with iconic movie mentors like The Karate Kid and Dead Poets Society, or those with much more questionable role models like The Lost Boys and Road House.

In his new book Raised on the ‘80s, Chris Clews identifies 30+ life lessons from the music and movies that defined pop culture’s most excellent and totally awesome decade, including Trading Places, Cocktail, The Breakfast Club, Die Hard, and the music of Prince. We talked to Chris about his favorite bits of wisdom from our favorite ’80s films, as well as his experience growing up in the ‘80s, why Patrick Swayze is the ultimate ‘80s icon, and the best way to reboot an ‘80s blockbuster while staying true to the original.

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87: “Let Me Hear Your Body Talk” – #1 Pop Singles Of The 80s

In the days before YouTube and Spotify, most people discovered new music through a little device called the radio, and tracking the popularity of hit songs was much simpler. Back in the 80s, Billboard determined which songs charted through sales of physical singles on cassette tapes or CDs, and of course, airplay on the radio — which is how singles by artists like Blondie and Prince became inescapable at that moment in time.

In this episode, your When We Were Young co-hosts take Billboard’s #1 charting pop single from every year of the 80s out for a spin — and the results are mixed! If “80s music” makes you think of Madonna, Billy Joel, Van Halen, or even A-ha, you’re not alone — but none of these popular artists actually dominated the charts in any given year of the decade. (Believe it or not, neither did the King of Pop himself!)

While some tracks, like 1983’s chart-topper “Every Breath You Take,” are no-brainers, there are a few head-scratchers in the mix, too. The 80s were surprisingly big on ditties about Oscar-winning divas and the gaits of ancient peoples. So put on your best aerobics attire and join us as we whisper carelessly about the #1 Pop Singles of the 1980s —the ones we still have plenty of “Faith” in, those we’re desperate to “Look Away” from, and everything in between.

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