55: “Another Reason To Hate Christmas” – Gremlins

Never get them wet. Avoid bright lights. Don’t feed them after midnight. And whatever you do, don’t miss When We Were Young’s holiday episode! The yuletide takes a dark turn this year as we take a look back at the Chrismas-set horror-comedy GREMLINS (1984) and its less successful but much more bonkers sequel GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (1990).

“Gremlins” is notable for paving the way for the PG-13 rating and making the horror-comedy genre mainstream. But are these trouble-making creatures’ hijinks charming, or just super annoying after all these years? Is “Gremlins 2” still as insane as we remember it being? And is Gizmo still the cutest thing ever? (Spoiler: Yes, he is!) Grab a midnight snack and run a bath as we shine a light on Joe Dante’s cult classic!

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