19: “You Could Never Be Jell-O!” – My Best Friend’s Wedding

Dearly beloved, we gather today to celebrate the union of a pretty woman, Ms. Julia Roberts, and a talented filmmaker, Mr. PJ Hogan. If anyone can show just cause why they should not be joined — well, that’s too bad! It happened twenty years ago this month.

In honor of wedding season, the hosts of WHEN WE WERE YOUNG share their childhood visions of holy matrimony before revisiting two nuptial-themed films by Aussie auteur PJ Hogan. First, we say “I do” to 1994’s MURIEL’S WEDDING, a quirky drama that’s not nearly as terrible as Muriel herself. Then we attend MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING, an unconventional 1997 rom-com that has our hosts thoroughly divided.

Is Rupert Everett’s scene-stealing George a dated stereotype, or a monumental achievement in queer representation in summer blockbusters? Is Julia Roberts playing a heinous sociopath… or a lovably heinous sociopath? Most importantly: will Jell-O always be bested by crème brûlée? Say a little prayer for us, because contrary to rom-com tradition, happy endings are not guaranteed on this podcast.

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