100: “Bang On My Chest If You Think I’m Perfect” – The Wizard Of Oz

Surrender, Dorothy! For the 100th episode of When We Were Young, Seth, Becky, Chris and returning guest host Jan have clicked their heels together three times and summoned a twister to whisk them all the way back to 1939, when the ultimate Hollywood classic landed on the big screen in glorious Technicolor. Watching THE WIZARD OF OZ has been a childhood rite of passage for several generations now, its characters and quotable dialogue known to just about every man, woman, and child this side of Munchkinland. But does the film itself still have the brains, heart, and nerve to dazzle discerning modern day viewers?

First, Oz aficionado Chris recounts his history with the original fantasy series by L. Frank Baum, which is much more robust than you might think. Then, strap on some sparkly slippers and skip down the yellow brick road with us once again as we revisit the classic film — going gaga over Toto, debating the best and worst tracks from the iconic soundtrack, and marveling at the film’s unforgettable makeup, production design, and special effects. Plus, discover who has the hots for the Tin Man, who thinks the Scarecrow is the ideal life partner, and which hosts think the Cowardly Lion is due for a poaching. (We don’t dodge the tough questions on this podcast.) Repeat after us: there’s no podcast like When We Were Young!

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30: “The Water is Freezing and There Aren’t Enough Boats” – Titanic

TITANIC (1997)

It’s been 20 years, and we can still smell the fresh paint… the sheets had never been slept in… and we’d never heard Celine Dion belt her heart out over James Horner’s pennywhistle. To mark the 20th anniversary of a film as gargantuan and ambitious as the ocean liner itself, When We Were Young once more opens the door on James Cameron’s 1997 disaster-romance. Are you ready to go back to Titanic? (If not, too bad — it’s way too late to get off.)

Everyone knows Titanic dazzled critics, swept the Oscars, and sold a hell of a lot of dreamy Jack Dawson posters. The self-proclaimed King of the World’s crowning glory went on to become the biggest movie of all time on so many levels, a pop culture event as rare as the Heart of the Ocean. But are Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s performances still unsinkable? Is the film’s elaborate production as impressive as ever? Do our hearts really go on and on… or is it time to break our promise and just… let go?

Strip down to nothing but a multimillion dollar necklace, prepare to go down like a gentleman, and cooome baaaaaaaack… because there’s not enough room for everyone on this Podcast of Dreams.

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