113: “I’m Your Number One Fan” – Misery

Becky, Chris and Seth wanted to pull out the big scares this Halloween season, and what’s scarier than being adored?

Join us as we take a look back at MISERY (1990), director Rob Reiner’s first (and only) foray into horror. This film gave us Kathy Bates — and gave Kathy Bates an Oscar — and introduced the term “hobbling” to millions of horrified moviegoers.

In this episode, we discuss whether iconic movie villain Annie Wilkes had an influence on Hollywood’s leading ladies breaking bland and embracing frumpiness, and if James Caan was the best choice for the role of Stephen King stand-in/author Paul Sheldon. We also share the artists we believe we’re the number one fans of, who we promise we will not imprison in our homes.

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