57: “A Run-By Fruiting” – Mrs. Doubtfire

the When We Were Young podcast

The late, great Robin Williams played many iconic characters in the 90s, including Aladdin’s Genie and a grownup Peter Pan. But nothing showed off his talent for manic physical comedy and rapid-fire zingers quite like the 1993 family comedy MRS. DOUBTFIRE. It may just be his signature role — at least, for kids who grew up in the 90s.

In the latest podcast, we look back at the tradition of funnymen dressing as funny-looking women, from Tom Hanks in the awkward sitcom BOSOM BUDDIES (1980) to Dustin Hoffman in the Oscar darling TOOTSIE (1982) to Martin Lawrence in the raunchy BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE (2000). Then, it’s time to say “Hellooooooo!” again to Euphegenia Doubtfire, cinema’s most successful cross-dresser (with over $400 million at the box office). Williams plays Daniel Hillard, an out-of-work actor who assumes the alias of a no-nonsense nanny to spend more time with his estranged family. (That’s what any loving father would do! Right??)

We also discuss the thin line between acceptable Movie Dad behavior and criminal offense, depictions of divorce in 90s movies, and the broader question of whether gender-bending comedy still works in the more enlightened, less binary 21st century. So pad that bra and tuck accordingly – before Child Protective Services revokes your custody of this podcast.

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