20: “You Remind Me of the Babe” – Labyrinth and Dark Crystal

Turn back, Sarah – we’re headed into the imaginative mind of Jim Henson on this week’s episode, and anything could happen! Though many think of The Muppets or Sesame Street when they think of Jim Henson, if you were coming of age in the mid-80s and into fairy tales, myths, and gender-bending pop, LABYRINTH (1986) was surely more your bag.

With the help of our guest “Labyrinth” superfan Krissy Fox we rewatch Henson’s darkly humorous, whimsical tale of an aggressively pansexual Goblin King who enjoys infant theft, mind games and synthy pop tunes – you know, good clean family entertainment! We also take a look at Labyrinth’s gloomier but just as impressively designed predecessor THE DARK CRYSTAL (1982).

Join us as we discuss Henson’s legacy, Bowie’s bulge, and… well, we talk about Bowie’s crotch a LOT, because c’mon, it’s RIGHT THERE.

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