21: “Einhorn is Finkle! Finkle is Einhorn!” – Jim Carrey’s 1994 Movies

Somebody stop us! In Episode 21, the When We Were Young podcast says “alrighty, then!” to a trip back to 1994, when Jim Carrey soared to superstar status in three back-to-back blockbusters: DUMB & DUMBER, THE MASK, and ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE.

We’re not just talking out of our asses here. Clearly, Carrey was one of the most bankable stars of our youth… but how do his rubber-faced hijinks hold up when viewed for the first time as adults? Are these comedies still sssmokin’ – or do misogyny and homophobia end up making everyone involved look like a LOOHOOO-SE-HER?

It’s the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping, fourth-wall-breaking, catchphrase-spewing, Cameron Diaz-introducing episode of the podcast yet! Fire up your ’84 sheepdog, kill a couple pretty birds, and prepare to hear the most annoying sound on Earth as we spend an entire year with Jim Carrey! (Seriously… won’t somebody stop us?)

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