59: “Earn This” – Shakespeare in Love vs. Saving Private Ryan

Don’t snub our latest episode! It’s awards season, so the When We Were Young podcast is taking a hard look back at the Academy Awards from 1999, which saw a battle royale between Steven Spielberg’s knockout WWII epic SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and the Harvey Weinstein-backed costume rom-com SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE.

First, the hosts reminisce about their earliest Oscar memories and relive some of the telecast’s worst dance numbers. Then, we travel back to D-Day with Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and a whole lot of bullets and explosions to see if Spielberg’s gritty drama is still as harrowing and awe-inspiring as it was back in 1998. And, more importantly — should it have defeated Shakespeare In Love as the year’s Best Picture?

For Your Consideration: relive one of the 90s most memorable Oscars telecasts, when Roberto Benigni leapt onto the seats and into our hearts, Gwyneth Paltrow tearfully accepted her Best Actress award in an iconic pink Ralph Lauren dress, and host Whoopi Goldberg channeled Queen Elizabeth. The When We Were Young podcast would like to thank our agents, husbands, kids, pets, landlords, therapists, and… hey, stop playing that music, we aren’t finished yet!

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