58: “She’s Evil! She’s Brilliant!” – Michael Douglas Erotic Thrillers

There’s something about Michael — Michael Douglas, that is. The actor has starred in the top 3 highest-grossing erotic thrillers of all time: FATAL ATTRACTION (1987), BASIC INSTINCT (1992) and DISCLOSURE (1994), where he was the object of obsession for a lonely psychopath, a conniving man (and woman) eater, and a lecherous ladder-climber. What is it about him that drives the ladies wild?

In our latest episode, we take a look back at these femme fatales and the man that ties them all together to touch on Hollywood’s view of sexually aggressive career women, sexual harassment in the workplace, and most importantly the wonders of receiving an email in the early days of the Internet.

Better hide your bunny, dear listener, because we won’t be ignored.

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