17: “Game Over, Man!” – The ALIEN Franchise

Encounter the xenomorph in WHEN WE WERE YOUNG’s ickiest episode yet! First, the gang discusses their personal experiences with body horror, including bruised ears and splinters in places there should not be wood.

Then, it’s time to get all face-huggy and chest-bursty with Sigourney Weaver in the ALIEN franchise, beginning with Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi/horror classic and moving on to James Cameron’s rock-’em sock-’em sequel, featuring a lovable turn from the late Bill Paxton. Have countless rip-offs dulled these classics, or are they still capable of making your jaws-within-jaws drop? Next, we quickly touch on David Fincher’s regrettable ALIEN3 and the campy Joss Whedon-penned ALIEN: RESURRECTION, which adds Winona Ryder to the mix.

This is a mostly comprehensive look at one of the most influential horror franchises ever made… mostly… in anticipation of ALIEN: COVENANT, due May 19. Strip down to your most retro panties, climb into the nearest available power-loader, and GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU BITCH! Because in space, no one can hear you make fun of the way Becky describes her history with this series.

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