120: “It’s Not The Years, Honey, It’s The Mileage” – Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Why did it have to be podcasters? After seven years of fan requests, When We Were Young is finally getting around to the beloved Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr. franchise – better known to moviegoers by his canine-inspired nickname, Indiana Jones. With Harrison Ford stepping back into the role after a long hiatus for this summer’s INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY, it’s the perfect time to look back at the film that started it all. 

Blockbuster groundbreakers George Lucas, who created the character, and Steven Spielberg, who helmed all three films in the original trilogy, joined forces in 1981 for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, a film that defied low expectations to become one of the most treasured movies of the 80s. The summer smash was hailed as a masterpiece upon its release, raking in cash at the box office for almost an entire year and earning a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars.  

How does everybody’s favorite archaeologist hold up as an action hero four decades after his first foray onto movie screens? Does unearthing this action-adventure classic still reward audiences with bountiful riches and wondrous delights, or just a bunch of booby traps? Grab your bullwhip and fedora, watch out for massive balls, and join us for an episode that’s bound to dig up some controversial opinions!

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