86: “Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.” – The Fly

We’ve been afraid… been VERY afraid… for most of 2020. Now we’ve made it to the New Year – a time of change, of hope, of possibility. But if you’re considering mutating into a human-insect hybrid as your New Year’s resolution, may we suggest… not?

After chilling with John Carpenter’s barf bag classic The Thing in our previous episode, we’re buzzing about another horror maestro’s take on 50s sci-fi – David Cronenberg’s THE FLY remake (1986), starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis as a couple that meets cute, falls in love, and soon has a baby on the way – while daddy is sprouting coarse insect hairs, vomiting milky white acid, and losing his teeth and fingernails in the most graphic way possible. It’s not a good look!

We talk about how The Fly embraces its B-movie roots, while also elevating body horror to new heights of critical and commercial success (plus an Oscar for its all-too-convincing makeup effects). And we admit that, at the tail end of a most unusual year, we can relate to this mad scientist’s unease about becoming a slimy, shriveled hermit. So join us in kissing off 2020 the way it deserves – with exploding baboons, larvae babies, and displaced appendages. You’ll be disgusted… you’ll be VERY disgusted!

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