98: “Take Me To Bed Or Lose Me Forever” – Top Gun

Do you feel the need? The need to speed back to the 80s and bro out with Iceman, Wolfman, Slider, Viper, Goose, and Maverick all over again? If so, you’ll love Part One of our cruise through the career of the galaxy’s biggest superstar (don’t tell Xenu), starting with the 1986 blockbuster that first catapulted him to worldwide fame – TOP GUN.

The name “Tom Cruise” may be synonymous with movie stardom now, but back in 1986, he was still best known for his undie-baring breakout in the teen sex comedy RISKY BUSINESS, so having him headline an action-packed military drama was a bit of a gamble. Of course, Top Gun ended up topping all expectations, becoming the year’s highest-grossing film, launching a killer soundtrack, winning an Academy Award for the soaring romantic ballad “Take My Breath Away,” and cementing its place in history as one of the most iconic 80s movies.

Now, as Top Gun approaches its 35th anniversary with a long-awaited sequel on the horizon, it’s time to find out whether these boys are still worth playing with after all these years – or if we’ve lost that loving feeling for this classic dad flick. So take a deep breath, get inverted, and select your wingman carefully, because we’re heading right into the danger zone of Reagan-era jingoism and mid-80s machismo – and we’re not stopping until we’re going Mach 2 with our hair on fire. (Whatever that means!) Will we take Top Gun to bed, or lose it forever?

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