51: “Everyone’s Entitled To One Good Scare” – Halloween

Masks on, listeners! This October, we’re celebrating Halloween by celebrating HALLOWEEN — the iconic horror film that unintentionally concocted the formula for an entire genre. John Carpenter’s 1978 chiller was made on a shoestring budget and went on to become the most profitable independent film ever made. It also launched horror’s most enduring villain, the tight-lipped but heavy-breathing Michael Myers, and the career of Jamie Lee Curtis, crowned the genre’s official Scream Queen.

Curtis returned to her blood-spattered roots in 1998’s HALLOWEEN H2O, co-starring Josh Hartnett, LL Cool J, and Michelle Williams, in the 90s slasher revival spawned by Scream. Now, in 2018, she once again portrays Laurie Strode, the “Final Girl” who made her famous, in David Gordon Green’s new spin on this cinematic classic.

The podcast welcomes wife-and-husband duo Chelsea and Dan to discuss all matters of splatter, then looks back at the original Halloween in observance of its 40th anniversary. After countless knock-offs and a string of subpar sequels, is Halloween still worth hallowing? Or does its violence against nubile babysitters come off as much less enlightened four decades later? And is Halloween H2O still the franchise’s only decent sequel? Come for the Carpenter, and stay for the Cool J, as we cower in the closet all over again!

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