By That I Mean – Episode 35: I Have Very Attractive Minions

The BY THAT I MEAN podcast dismantles reality.

Our reality is still one where men are not equal to women. Our reality is still one where non-white people are still considered less human or something other than the default of humanity. Our collective models of reality no longer fit the truth of our lives, and so many of our discussions are getting harder and breaking down what should be common ground because we aren’t talking about the greater systemic processes at play.

These next episodes of the BY THAT I MEAN podcast explore the fictitious nature of our shared dominant realities (the stories we individually and collectively tell ourselves about what is “real” or ought to be). We talk about the vulnerability and emotional nature of memory. We realize that there is one dominant illusory “reality” around which our whole society has become reorganized: the idea that short-term profit is an inherent moral good.

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