48: “Put Me Back In! Put Me Back In!” – Look Who’s Talking

Our Summer Bruce Willis trilogy – Bruce Willogy, if you will – comes to a close as we return to the womb and the year 1989 to reexamine Amy Heckerling’s hit comedy LOOK WHO’S TALKING. Willis voices Mikey, the titular talking baby… who isn’t really talking, per se, since we are just hearing his thoughts… though sometimes the actor playing Mikey on screen is actually talking but we don’t hear what he’s saying… look, this movie turned out to be way more confounding than we thought possible.

We also discuss the film’s two lesser successful sequels, LOOK WHO’S TALKING TOO (1990) and LOOK WHO’S TALKING NOW (1993), and count the many diminishing returns of talking babies and talking dogs. Plus, we deliver the good news about one of our hosts expecting their own bundle of joy, and get nostalgic about the last year of podcasting during our 2nd Anniversary special!

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