39: “I’m Erect, Why Aren’t You Erect?” – Showgirls


You can’t touch us, but we can touch you. In When We Were Young’s raw, uncensored NC-17 episode, we reveal our most inappropriate pop culture encounters from childhood, then set our sights on the Las Vegas underbelly (and undercarriage) of 1995’s SHOWGIRLS, widely considered to be the best bad movie of all time.

Meet the consistently hot-and-bothered Nomi Malone, who hails from “different places.” She’s a dancer but not a stripper (except by profession) and definitely not a prostitute, who dreams of one day leaving behind the seedy, sleazy world of removing her clothes for money to become a topless dancer. She is not a prostitute.

Meet Cristal Connors, the gorgeous “Goddess” who takes a manipulative, seductive interest in this Amazonian ingenue. Will Nomi ever do Cristal’s nails? Will Cristal ever do Nomi? After a bare-breasted leather dance-fight, who will push who down the stairs?

Paul Verhoeven’s uniquely confounding flop is explicit but never sexy, strikingly feminist and queasily exploitative, and features the most enthrallingly misguided star turn of all time from Saved By The Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley. So put your nightie on, crack open a can of Doggy Chow, head over to Versace and THRUST IT, because it’s showtime, darlin’.

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