127: “NOW A Warning?!” – Death Becomes Her

Death comes to us all – unless you’re Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. These two actresses have found the secret to living forever: being immortalized in one of the most beloved horror comedies of cult cinema, DEATH BECOMES HER (1992).

Robert Zemeckis broke new ground with the movie’s mind-bending Oscar-winning (and neck-twisting) special effects, and the film was a hit at the box office despite critics not being too impressed by the literal death-defying antics of these two frenemies.

Has time been kind to Mad(eline) and Hel(en) in the last 30 years? Or is “Death Becomes Her” just a rotting corpse covered in spray paint? Join us as we revisit the past and share our own insecurities about aging. Bottom’s up!

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